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2016 Student Leadership Awards

The Winners of the 2016 Student Leadership Awards

Leadership Pioneer of the Year – Award given to a freshman or sophomore (0-60 credits) who has shown leadership in the NMSU community and their student organization (August 2015-May 2016)

  • This year’s leadership pioneer is an active member of ASNMSU as a freshman senator. He has taken action in being part of the student and state government to advocate for NMSU and New Mexico’s students. He is also on the Student Advocacy Board and has advocated for NMSU funding and the lottery scholarship to the New Mexico state legislature. He is a prime example of a leadership pioneer and we are excited what he does for NMSU in his college career.
    • Emerson Morrow

Leadership Trailblazer of the Year- award given to a junior or senior who has made a lasting contribution to their organization/ or the NMSU campus community (August 2015-May 2016)

  • Our Leadership trailblazer has served as a College of Arts and Sciences Ambassador for the past two years. She is also on the Student Advocacy Board for NMSU where she advocated for NMSU funding and the continuance of the lottery scholarship. She has also served as the secretary of the NMSU pre-pharmacy society and was one of the first recipients of the Community Engagement Scholarship, in which she was recognized during Convocation. Her family created a scholarship endowment in memory of her little brother that gives out $150,000 to students every year. We are thankful for your dedicated service to your campus and community.
    • Courtney Gavin

Pistol Pete – Unsung Hero of the Year – Award given to organizational member who did not hold a formal leadership position, but served with passion, commitment, and made significant contributions throughout the year(August 2015-May 2016)

  • Our pistol pete award goes to a member of both ASNMSU and Alpha Xi Delta. She has shown great dedication to both organizations throughout her short time at NMSU. She serves as the assistant of the Director of Community Outreach in ASNMSU, where she worked alongside the director to plan and execute the two large community service events, Keep State Great and the Big Event. She also serves as the student chair on the NMSU sustainability council. She currently hold the Vice President of Programming position on the Panhellenic board. She has also held various positions in her sorority. She continues to bring positivity to every position she holds and is an outstanding member of the NMSU community.
    • Caroline Stapleton

Aggie Leader of the Year – Recognizes an Aggie leader who has shown great passion, school spirit, and worked to serve the NMSU community(August 2015-May 2016)

  • Our Aggie leader of the year is a well known Aggie at NMSU. He has serves as the president of the ACES council and has helped grow the council the past few years. He helped create the first “Welcome Home Aggies” event, where NMSU clubs and organizations hosted a carnival-like event for students and admission was canned food. Under his leadership, ACES raised over 500 pounds of food for the Roadrunner Food Bank. He is also an ACES Ambassador. He has participated in the New Mexico State Fair, Southern State Fair, Ag Fest, District FFA competitions, and will soon help with the State FFA Career Development Events. He also has background with experience in the Army, combined with his leadership experience at NMSU. This Aggie Leader is also one of the founding member of the Dean of Students Ambassadors and Trailblazers.
    • Chase Wolfe

Program of the Year – This award honors an individual program that demonstrated excellence in successfully meeting student organizational goals, while also  bringing the campus community together(August 2015-May 2016)

  • This Program has worked to improve campus and student life here at NMSU by encouraging members to become involved on campus. This event was free to students and families and had over 750 attendees, including many incoming freshman. The focus of the event was to create campus culture and increase retention among future and current students. Aggies Activities Council works closely with the Office of Orientation to schedule the event. This event is a great opportunity for students to connect with their peers and the campus as a whole. We are excited to see how this event grows and how it will continue to improve the NMSU campus and community.
    • AggiePalooza-Aggies Activities Council

A-Mountain Service Award – Award recognizes a student organization that has had a positive impact on the surrounding community through volunteer and community service(August 2015-May 2016)

  • The A-Mountain service award goes to an organization that has worked increase health and awareness to the NMSU campus and Las Cruces community. This organization joined up with the local Hospitals including, Mountain View Regional Medical Center and Memorial Medical Center to assist in the distribution of vaccinations. Their assistance and communication with their community helped those without insurance or means of getting vaccinated. The organization well prepares their students for their future careers and emphasize their responsibility of contributing to the community.
    • Pre-Pharmacy Society

True Crimson Award – Graduate  or Graduating Student Leader – Award given to a graduate or graduating student leader (Spring, Summer, or Fall) who successfully incorporates the areas the leadership, service, and academics into time at NMSU(August 2015-May 2016)

This year we had some amazing candidates nominated. So great, we couldn’t just choose one, because they all deserve to be recognized. We have awarded two True Crimson Graduate Student Awards.

  • Our first recipient is a Student Success Navigator serving in the college of Arts and Sciences. He is an outstanding graduate student in the communication department. During his time as a student, he has gone on different international trips doing humanitarian work. He founded the NMSU International Soccer Tournament. This tournament is in its third year, and sponsored by all of the international programs and clubs on campus. In his time as a graduate assistant at the Center for English Language Programs he assisted in creating the filing system and student programming events for the Go Teacher program. Along the way he has worked with the LGBT+ Programs on campus to advocate for more funds, and campus support. Last spring he brought the Former President of Exodus International to Speak on a panel called LGBT Identity, Spirituality, and Success, He was able to raise $2000 to cover all costs of the event in one week. He has a strong background in service, from serving in Americorps to church ministry, he has also volunteered in Nepal, and is in the process of founding a 501c3 non profit, Kaleidoscope, here in Las Cruces. He founded a coaching practice and serves as a mentor and coach to some of the non-profits in the areas. His recent partnership was with Peace Village of Las Cruces. During Spring Break he was able to share his new #ToyBox4Life project in an intergenerational peace camp. We want to recognize this outstanding leader in our community.
    • True Crimson Graduate Student: Joshua Vanderhoof
  • Leaders in different organizations implement different styles and techniques to achieve different issues and objectives. This leaders has promoted several academic attributes, unity and leadership commitment while being part of New Mexico State University. She has taken the role and responsibility of becoming Alpha Phi Sigma’s President in order to reach out to more individuals in joining this organization to ultimately better their lives. In the past, she became an academic advisor and mentor through the Arts & Sciences Advising Center later becoming a student advisor for the Criminal Justice department making sure the students who go for advising achieve their academic excellence and success on campus. Through leadership she has participated in bringing a diverse set of speakers to NMSU from international regions for local conference centers. Currently, she holds a Teaching Assistantship in the Criminal Justice department where she assists her students in their classes. She also interns at Las Cruces Police Department in the Victims Assistant Unit, assisting with ongoing calls/reports, data input into the system and participating in ride-alongs with officers. Prior to this, she interned at the Third Judicial District Attorney’s office in the Intake Unit. She also mentors at-risk youth in the community. Two populations are part of the mentoring program: 1) youth with truancy issues; 2) youth on probation involved with drug court. She has established rapport with the youth and attends many of their community service events and court orders.  Despite all the activities she has been involved in while bearing a full time class schedule, she still manages to keep a positive attitude and continues to help everyone around her. She has attended local training for Domestic Violence Taskforce and Human Trafficking presented by the FBI. She then assisted FBI agents and personnel in distributing flyers, pamphlets and other information regarding human trafficking to numerous hotels and motels around the city. She is already involved with many extracurricular activities, and yet she still tries to make Las Cruces a better place. She also put in over 30 hours of community service hours in the fall semester and is surpassing that number of hours for this current semester. We are thankful to have leaders like this on our campus.
    • True Crimson Graduate Student: Xenia Lopez
  • Our graduating senior True Crimson award goes to a student who has spent his college career contributing to our campus and community. His extensive experience in leadership roles started with his involvement with Alpha Gamma Rho his freshman year. He has held roles in Alpha Gamma Rho (AGR), been an ACES ambassador for two years, the President of Collegiate Farm and Livestock Bureau, the Inter-fraternal Council VP Scholarship, and a founding members of Trailblazers. Through his time at AGR he has tried to form long lasting Greek bonds through the Greek-life organizations at NMSU creating a better camaraderie among Greek members. Being an ACES Ambassador he has recruited new students to attend NMSU and listened to their concerns about the university. In Farm Bureau he has participated in many on campus community service events to benefit all NMSU students and faculty.
  • Some of his On Campus roles include:
    • Alpha Gamma Rho – Noble Ruler (President), Vice Noble Ruler Activities, Vice Noble Ruler Alumni Relations, and Interim Vice Noble Ruler Alumni Relations
    • Collegiate Farm and Livestock Bureau – President (two years second term ends this semester)
    • College of ACES Ambassador – Sophomore and Junior Years
    • Trailblazer – Founding member of the group. Helped form the “purpose” of the group and helps put on Student Leadership Events.
  • And Off Campus:
    • Dona Anna Farm and Livestock Bureau – Sit on the Dona Anna County Board as a Voting member
    • NM Young Farmers and Ranchers Committee – Sit on the committee board as a voting member. Sit on the subcommittee for Young Farmers and Ranchers, Collegiate, and High School Discussion Meet contests.
  • Do to his involvement at NMSU, he has great relationships with distinguished Faculty and staff including Deans of Colleges, Department Heads, NMSU Alumni Organization Presidents, and advisory members for university projects. He advocates for students to these and creates open conversations with these respected people at NMSU. We are thankful for all the dedication this leader has made to NMSU and the community.
  • True Crimson Graduating Student: Adam Mitchell

Student Organization of the Year – Overall top student organization of the year that has demonstrated true excellence among peers with the NMSU campus community(August 2015-May 2016)

  • Aggies Activities Council

Advisor of the Year – Award recognizing an advisor who has gone above and beyond to assist the student organization they advise(August 2015-May 2016)

  • Shannon Norris of ACES Council