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2017 Student Leadership Awards

The Winners of the 2017 Student Leadership Awards

The Leadership Pioneer of the Year – Award is given to a freshman or sophomore (0-60 credits) who has shown leadership in the NMSU community and their student organization (August 2016-May 2017).

    • This year’s leadership pioneer is an active member of ASNMSU. As an ASNMSU Roadrunner she is able to work closely with all aspects of ASNMSU and has shadowed the Athletic Relations department for the spring semester. As a member of Delta Gamma, she has worked with her chapter and with the Panhellenic Council via her Judicial position to create a safer, more fair, and more efficient judicial process.She is a prime example of a leadership pioneer and we are excited what she does for NMSU in her college career.
  • Annie Stout

The Leadership Trailblazer of the Year- award is given to a junior or senior who has made a lasting contribution to their organization/ or the NMSU campus community (August 2016-May 2017)

  • Our Leadership trailblazer has served on all three large-scale leadership teams within the College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences (ACES): ACES Ambassadors, ACES Mentor Team, and she is currently serving as the ACES Council President. She also helped ACES plan, coordinate, and execute the 1st and 2nd Annual Welcome Home Aggies Street Festival, which last year, raised over 500 pounds of food for our local food bank. We are thankful for your dedicated service to your campus and community.
  • Jessica Gustin


The Pistol Pete – Award is given to organizational member who did not hold a formal leadership position, but served with passion, commitment, and made significant contributions throughout the year(August 2016-May 2017)

    • Our pistol pete recipient is involved in GIS and Business Council. She makes it an effort to get involve as much as she can and provide any help. She does all of this on her own even though there’s no obligations or benefits. She brings  positivity to every position she holds and is an outstanding member of the NMSU community.
  • Lillie Alexander

The Aggie Leader of the Year – Award recognizes an Aggie leader who has shown great passion, school spirit, and worked to serve the NMSU community(August 2016-May 2017).

    • Our aggie leader of the year is a well known Aggie at NMSU. He was elected Senator for ASNMSU, where he worked to provide valuable programs, events, and services to students. He is a member of Graduate Student Council,  where helps coordinate student issues relating wages, health benefits, and funding.He helped fund the Critical Multicultural Educators Graduate Student Org, where he was president for 2 years and continues to help graduate students that seek financial aid, professional development and mentorship. Going above and beyond, he has organized and obtained funds for the symposium, Education beyond Borders focusing on teaching effectively to marginalized students coordinated with Mexico’s Department of Education, Las Cruces & El Paso teachers.
  • Armando Altamirano

The Program of the Year –  Award honors an individual program that demonstrated excellence in successfully meeting student organizational goals, while also  bringing the campus community together(August 2016-May 2017).

    • This Program has worked to improve campus and student life here at NMSU by encouraging members to become involved on campus. This event was free to students and families and had over 850 attendees, including many incoming freshman. The focus of the event was to create campus culture and increase retention among future and current students. Aggies Activities Council works closely with the Office of Orientation to schedule the event. This event is a great opportunity for students to connect with their peers and the campus as a whole. We are excited to see how this event grows and how it will continue to improve the NMSU campus and community.
  • Aggie Palooza – Aggies Activities Council

The True Crimson Award  is given to a graduate or graduating student leader (Spring, Summer, or Fall) who successfully incorporates the areas the leadership, service, and academics into time at NMSU(August 2016-May 2017).

  • This year we had some amazing, amazing candidates nominated.We are thankful to have leaders like this on our campus.
  • Our recipient is a teaching assistant for the Introduction to Counseling Psychology course. Through his courses he challenges his students to scrutinize their worldviews and dismantle societal isms by introducing them to research-supported counseling strategies and techniques, community counseling settings, multicultural and social justice perspectives and fostering didactic engagement on new directions for development in the field of counseling psychology. He serves as treasurer of the Governing Council at La Academia Dolores Huerta, a local charter school that provides education to children from diverse cultural backgrounds. In addition, he maintains a supportive connection to the LGBT community by being involved with the National Latinx Psychological Association’s (NLPA) Orgullo Latinx which promotes awareness, visibility, and inclusiveness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI+) concerns. He is a team member of an interdisciplinary research team exploring the experiences of individuals living in the colonias and the issues impacting the borderlands and Latino communities from a critical perspective. Most recently, he published his first scholarly work in the Latino/a Psychology Today. His article titled Sanando el espanto de la opresión: Celestial healing as a curative factor for Latinxs discusses the theoretical framework of his dissertation. We are thankful for all the dedication this leader has made to NMSU and the community.
  • Steve Pereira


The Advisor of the Year – Award recognizes an advisor who has gone above and beyond to assist the student organization they advise(August 2016-May 2017)

    • This advisor shows dedication and passion for building future leaders. She inspires her students to get involved and reach their goals. We are truly lucky to have advisors like her at NMSU.
  • Ashley Hansen

The Student Organization of the Year – Award is given to the student organization of the year that has demonstrated true excellence among peers with the NMSU campus community(August 2016-May 2017)

    • This student organization has helped many graduate students across various departments to secure travel funding so that they can represent NMSU in conferences and promote the research activities happening at NMSU.The activities of this organization have indirectly and directly resulted in increased enrollment in various engineering departments
  •  Chemical Engineering Graduate Students Organization(CHEGSO)